There’s no other place quite like Hayfork. From its breathtaking location, nestled amidst mountains, lakes and rivers, to our abundance of activities, outdoors and in, to the devoted people who call it home. There is plenty to do, buy, learn and enjoy in our small but vibrant town.

Hayfork was originally Nor’el pom, named after the original resident Native American tribe. In 1851, like many of our neighbors, the area experienced an influx of fortune seekers during the California Gold Rush. Eventually the settlement was renamed Hayfork, an early indicator of the ongoing importance of agriculture. Throughout Hayfork’s rich history, we’ve continuously evolved and adapted, thanks to the richness and diversity of our environment, with its pristine soil, water and air. We’ve mined gold, logged trees, raised animals for food and materials and, most recently, established a growing industry around licensed, artisanal cannabis.

Our business community is tight knit and hard working, offering something for everyone, locals and tourists alike. Our population of over 2,000 can take advantage of the convenience of downtown Hayfork to find hardware, clothes, multiple food shopping options, restaurants, salons and more. Visitors will enjoy our entertainment options, from delicious ethnic meals to live music. Hayfork hosts a number of memorable events, including the Trinity County Fair since 1921 and Bigfoot BBQ, a contest that will keep you full for days. For nature enthusiasts, there are endless opportunities to get outdoors, including hiking, hunting, swimming, boating, rafting and fishing.

If you haven’t experienced Hayfork yet, please come visit. If you live here, we’ll see you around. (We always do!)

-Hayfork Resident